Floorball Equipment

All players except for the goalkeeper carry sticks. A Floorball stick is made of carbon fabric and is very light. Maximum weight is 13.4 oz (380 g). It is shorter than an ice hockey, with the maximum stick size being 41" (105 cm).


The game is played with a Floorball ball that weighs 0.8 oz (23 grams), with a 2.3" (72 mm) diameter and 26 holes (similar to a Wiffle ball). 


A Floorball player needs suitable sports clothing for indoor or outdoor games and good sport shoes to prevent ankle sprains. Players are allowed to wear shin guards, eye protectors, and protective padding for sensitive areas. 


Goalkeepers wear protection, padded pants, a padded chest protector, and a helmet. It is also common for goalkeepers to use kneepads and gloves.